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We are so happy you are interested in joining us this season! Please send us a message on the adjacent form. Below you’ll find a read more section with a number of tips and regulations that we follow as a society to ensure our coaching is as consistent as possible. If you have any questions about coaching please contact the Coaching Director.



1. Assisting with your child’s team

There are typically five positions needed to organize a team for a season. The descriptions are below. If you are interested in volunteering to be a coach, you must contact the Coaching Director by email to let them know of your interest and any qualifications (coaching courses, experience) you have. For the mini teams (U5-U11), extensive experience is not necessary, and there are many soccer society members willing to support you in learning the role. 

For all other positions than coach, the coach will ask for volunteers to fill the positions during the first practices of the season, typically the first parent meeting at the first practice or by text or email. When your coach contacts you, if you want a specific position, please mention it to them right away, so they can record it. If all the team assistant positions are filled prior to your coach receiving notice of your desire to volunteer, you’ll be asked to help at an event (or vice versa).

Plans and runs practices; determines which tournaments to attend (in consultation with parents, team managers and assistants). May be asked to attend coaching clinics.

Assistant Coach
Assists the coach in running practices; runs practices when the coach is unable to attend  May be asked to attend coaching clinics.

Team Manager
Maintains list of players; helps coach register for tournaments; contacts parents.

Team Jersey/Equipment Coordinator
Distributes and collects team jerseys & equipment in consultation with Executive. 

Team Photographer
Takes photos of games and practices and sends a selection of them to the communications director for distribution on the website and The Lac La Biche Post

INSTRUCTIONS: Please send a maximum of 15 of the best photos to laclabichesoccer@gmail.com and the Communications Director will post them on the website, Instagram and Facebook as time allows. High-quality photos are best but will need to be resized to small in order to be emailed and posted on the website. Submissions are welcome from all parents throughout the season, but the same limited number applies. If you have a large number of photos you’d like to share with the parents on your team, please put them in an online share file (One Drive, Google Drive) and request that the team manager share the link with parents. You’ll be able to share large-size photos with more ease than email. 

2. Volunteering and Fundraising

LLBFC provides volunteers to the casino in Fort McMurray once every two years, and we also supply volunteers to the Royal Canadian Legion’s Friday Night Steak nights. Other events include the season Wind Up Party, which happens the last week of both indoor and outdoor seasons.

Fundraising is currently organized through the Fundraising Director. The society selects two or three fundraising options (Purdy’s Chocolates, Calahoo Meats, Teas, 50/50 ticket sales, tournament concession, grocery cards, and so on.) These are typically announced throughout the season, so if you have not done a fundraiser, please contact the Fundraising Director.  As best we can, we try to have these opportunities arranged prior to the start of the season, but bear with us! We try to make sure we are not doing fundraisers that overlap with other clubs (out of respect for their own good efforts). Other events and opportunites to fundraise are currently in development, so stay tuned!

To volunteer at an event, you must sign up for a day and time with our Volunteer Director, who keeps track of volunteers. We rely on our event volunteers to make sure they show up at the appointed place, day and time, and it is important that you make sure to sign in when you arrive at your event. If you don’t sign in, and we cannot verify your attendance, your volunteer commitment cheque may be cashed.

Any questions about volunteering should be directed to the Volunteer Director. 

Thank you for committing some of your time to our soccer society!

Our society runs on volunteer power! Every season we look to our parents to support the work needed to support the club. If you’re interested in volunteering on the executive, please attend the Annual General Meeting (which happens every November) and put your name forward for any of the open positions. We often advertise for people to fill positions mid-year, as well. So, keep your eyes open!

When you sign up for soccer,
you may be asked to VOLUNTEER either by

(1) assisting with your child’s team
(2) signing up to help with an event.

If all the team assistant positions are filled prior to your coach receiving notice of your desire to volunteer, you’ll be asked to help at an event (or vice versa). You will also be asked to FUNDRAISE for at least one fundraising event.

All contact information for Executive is found on the Our Club page.






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