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LLBFC policies

As Per Canada Soccer Association's standard


Policies are important because they provide a framework for decision-making and actions within an organization or society. Policies help to establish standards, guidelines, and procedures for how people should behave and interact in various situations.

Here are some specific reasons why policies are important:

1. Consistency: Policies help to ensure that decisions and actions are consistent across different individuals, departments, or locations within an organization. This can promote fairness and equality, as everyone is held to the same standards.

2. Compliance: Policies can help organizations comply with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as ethical and moral principles. This can reduce the risk of legal or reputational damage that could result from non-compliance.

3. Clarity: Policies provide clear expectations and guidance for individuals and groups within an organization, which can reduce confusion and misunderstandings. This can help to prevent mistakes or miscommunication that could lead to negative consequences.

4. Accountability: Policies establish clear roles and responsibilities for individuals and groups, which can help to ensure that everyone is accountable for their actions. This can promote a culture of responsibility and transparency, and help to prevent misconduct or unethical behavior.

Overall, policies play an important role in shaping the culture and behavior of organizations and societies. They help to establish standards and expectations for decision-making and action, and promote consistency, compliance, clarity, and accountability.

Glenda Bouvier

Lac La Biche FC